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PR Executive, InVision PR Executive Reference


GTFM Reference

Reference from Programme Coordinator Rebecca Francis-Jones from my previous job as News Editor at GTFM.


“Angharad was a full-time student on the BA (Hons) Broadcast Journalism course (September 2005 to July 2008) and attained a first class degree. She was an excellent student and showed promise from the very first. Angharad has a great nose for news and solid experience in creating high quality broadcasts for radio and television as well as for online audiences.

She works well in a team and was highly respected by her peers, particularly during Newsweeks where student undertake newsroom roles to produce original bulletins and programmes over a sustained period of time.

Her academic work was exemplary and it was a pleasure to tutor Angharad. She is mature, diligent, bright and reliable. She works well under pressure and understands the nature of deadlines, working very well under her own initiative.

She produced some excellent stories for both radio and television news and showed immense originality and creativity for her longer reports. Her ability to assimilate a situation quickly and to apply this in a journalistic context was undoubtedly a great strength. She was also incredibly enthusiastic and studious in the media law and ethics modules – I wish all students were the same!

I recommend her highly for this industry. Angharad is determined to become a success and she has all the knowledge, skills, initiative and tenacity that the industry requires.”



“I’ve known Angharad for four years now, and I count her as one of my closest friends from University. Our friendship groups didn’t cross paths so much initially, but it was after working in a team with her on a ‘newsday’ that I realised she was not only a lovely person, but also incredibly talented and hard working. When working as part of a team I’ve found her to be diligent, self motivated and eager to please. She’s also technically adept and has great news judgement. I feel she was the backbone of many of our team challenges at University.

I was particularly impressed with her energy during our final year. As well as achieving a first-class dissertation, Angharad also managed to put many hours into our student radio station, Tone. Not only that, but I often read her columns in the student paper and she even managed to keep a relationship going through all this!

Angharad is a genuine, hard-working, and feisty girl. I have no doubt that she’ll make a success of whatever she does, but I can certainly vouch for her passion to work in this industry.”


“Angharad worked on All About Soap as Acting Editorial Assistant in March 2009. Despite never having worked on a TV magazine before, she threw herself into the role with gusto and quickly picked up the everyday tasks that were expected of her.

During her time at All About Soap, Angharad was responsible for the day-to-day running of the office; keeping our press cuttings folders up to date, sourcing prizes and writing copy for our competitions pages and dealing with reader enquiries.

She approached each task with enthusiasm and quickly fitted into the team. She was willing to help and eagerly took on new duties. Her writing style was clean and concise and she dealt well with readers and PRs, on the phone and via email.

Angharad is confident and outgoing and always works hard. I would have no hesitation in employing her again.”



“Angharad is a calming prescence in times of pressure.”

John Boileau, Lecturer Broadcast Journalism