The sun sinks slowly, concealing itself from the watchful eyes of tourists that have baked in it all day. A cold breeze stirs the restless sand as a wave of darkness begins to sweep across the colourful sky. No sounds can be heard, save the peaceful breaking of waves against the shore.

             Emitting vibrant colours the setting sun melts beneath the sea, mingling its aurora of orange, magenta, and yellow with the pale darkness of the horizon. Captivating  the gaze of all around it silently descends further under the sharp gaze of the ascending moon. Clouds part and finally disperse completely leaving the sky clear . Silhouettes flutter over buildings as light paths change and settle , leaving menacing shadows depicted by the disconcerning moon.

              The becomes desterted now – save the odd lonely walker and loved-up tourist littering the sandy shore. Animals come out of hiding – crabs feel it safe to scuttle across the shore without finding themselves in the buckets of over curious children. Territory has been reclaimed at last, the natural order restored. The sea coughs up driftwood it has acquired throughout the day. Footprints are washed away, cementing the fact the beach has well and truly returned to nature at last.

             As the struggle between light and dark continues lovers stare at the sky with wonder, unaware the sun is fighting a losing battle over the star covered canvas.

            Finally the sky turns a passionate red and the smell of salt mixes with the shivering sensation as the skyline is dominated by the ghostly moon. Stars flicker on and the Heavens are once again lit up – peaceful and serene at last.

            The beach has been swept with an icy hand, renewed for another day. The battle is over for another day.


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