Yes, yes, yes!

I never believed in the power of yes until this year. It was something other people subscribed to – this idea that opening yourself up to opportunities, particularly when they first present themselves as problems, could lead to bigger and better things. But in 2015 it finally clicked. Having always been of the thinking that […]

The #PRstack community has rallied to Stephen Waddington’s call once more and created a second open source book to help PRs tackle any and all digital nemesis. It also means I’ve been able to crack out a Star Wars pun title, but that’s not even the best thing. The small band of professionals that contributed […]

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I review Alex Singleton’s book ‘The PR Masterclass’ for The Spin Alley. Review: The PR Masterclass Originally published: 26th March 2014 on When another PR book is added to the mix the whole profession holds its breathe for one of two reasons – either they’re worried it will be another pointless addition to the […]