Yes, yes, yes!

I never believed in the power of yes until this year. It was something other people subscribed to – this idea that opening yourself up to opportunities, particularly when they first present themselves as problems, could lead to bigger and better things. But in 2015 it finally clicked. Having always been of the thinking that […]

I’m the new weekly columnist for The Spin Alley – a delightfully cynical, sarcastic and (hopefully) hilarious take on the media, politics, celebrity and everything else in between. My first piece for them is up now and I’ll be on there every Wednesday spouting my take on all of the above. Enjoy! Welfare Reform – […]

I know I am well over due another edition of The Basics of Journalism series, and I promised you ethics in the last post but having looked at it again before we go into the ethics of journalism, we definitely need to go into the laws of the proffesion first! But there’s so many and […]