A company in America has changed its Ts & Cs so you can’t sue them if you’ve liked them on Facebook. Looks like the end is nigh. Sold Your Soul For A Coupon Originally published: 17th April 2014 on thespinalley.co.uk What are we doing when we like a Facebook page, sign up to a newsletter […]

Women Who Eat On Tubes is creepy – so now the women who do the eating on said tubes are fighting back. Chow Down, Women of London Originally published: 10th April 2014 on thespinalley.co.uk Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you should have heard about the joy of the internet that is Women […]

David Cameron, our esteemed PM, has likened himself to Jesus. No, I didn’t make it up for Spin Alley fodder. Oh Sweet Lord! Cameron Pulls Out The Jesus Card Originally published: 10th April 2014 on thespinalley.co.uk Dave’s come up trumps for us again this week, by saying that Jesus originally invented the Big Society. Sorry […]

This week’s offering has some tough love advice for anyone wanting to use the new skinny app on their selfies. Morons. Thigh Gap? Try Brain Gap Originally published: 4th April 2014 on thespinalley.co.uk A new app caught my eye this morning. Well, it caught the eye of the impossibly skinny version of me that’s constantly […]

The Japanese Government has set aside some money to help couples get jiggy with it and make some babies. I wondered what it would be like if our Government tried to do the same on The Spin Alley. Love Shack Originally published: 26th March 2014 on thespinalley.co.uk So the exciting news in the last seven […]

I review Alex Singleton’s book ‘The PR Masterclass’ for The Spin Alley. Review: The PR Masterclass Originally published: 26th March 2014 on thespinalley.co.uk When another PR book is added to the mix the whole profession holds its breathe for one of two reasons – either they’re worried it will be another pointless addition to the […]

Worth reading for the picture alone, I discuss the temporary lap dancing clubs that are allowed in Cheltenham during race week. Pound Of Flesh Originally published: 12th March 2014 on thespinalley.co.uk You may have heard it’s race week in Cheltenham, don’t worry if you’re thinking ‘ horse racing isn’t for me’, if anything it’s as […]